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Dippin’ Dots Establishes NEW Cryogenics Company

Image Property of Dippin' Dots

The flavor in mind this time seems to be money. The company associated with flavorful and sweet flash-freezed dots announced yesterday that they are now expanding their company to be used as a regular cryogenic distributor alongside a confectionary creator. What this boils down to is that Dippin’ Dots now has a secondary business that will operate by lending its technology ... Read More »

Even Fried Chicken is Getting Smarter

Fried Chicken Lookin' good my man

Like, technology-wise at least. Recently over in Hangzhou, China Kentucky Fried Chicken (which is extremely popular in China) recently built a concept restaurant where customers could pay for their meal with a smile. That’s it, a simple flash of the teeth (and an input of their phone number) and the customer is charged for their meal. While this may seem ... Read More »

Ice Cream: Which Type is People’s Favorite?

Ice Cream Tower

With summer sadly winding down (at least in terms of the months, and not the temperature itself) you may be interested in enjoying one of summer’s perfect delicacies, Ice cream. It can be from a cone, in a little paper bowl, or even mushed out of a machine, people love Ice Cream. But which one is the best-vanilla, vanilla is still the ... Read More »

Rick And Morty Dream Sauce Revived for Show Co-Creator!

Sauce is property of McDonald's

Dreams really can come true. Not only do fans of the hit Adult Swim show Rick and Morty get to celebrate a new season starting recently, but the fans can also rejoice as a recent…I’m gonna say phenomenon but that sounds too serious. ANYWAY when the first episode of the previously mentioned new season first premiered online back in April, ... Read More »

Amazon Has Bought Whole Foods… Wait, What?


That’s right, Amazon is going to buy the grocery store chain Whole Foods, and much like Whole Foods’s products this deal isn’t going to be cheap. The deal is going to have a 13.7 BILLION dollar price tag. Now, if this buy-out seems random and out of the blue… it kind of is. While it has been clear than Amazon wants to make supplying ... Read More »

Strange Question: Who Invented Chicken Nuggets?


The cornerstone of many childhood meals. Simple in design and INCREDIBLY cheap to make, these little poultry pieces have become a staple in fast food places all around the world to the point where they’re ubiquitous. But how much thought have you put into who originally developed them? I bet you hadn’t, so let’s solve this mystery. The common belief ... Read More »

The History of French Toast: Surprisingly Deep


It’s early in the morning here, so why not cover Breakfast? French Toast is a sweet staple of Breakfast, what with it being simple to make, as well as an excuse to get a good sugar rush to start the day. The beginnings of French Toast date back to the Ancient Romans in the Early 5th century, sadly there is ... Read More »

Lost Lake Festival

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.35.35 PM

According to Phoenix New Times , the founders of “Bonnaroo, Outside Lands festivals, and Superfly, announced the Lost Lake Festival, a new festival taking place at Steele Indian School Park from October 20 to October 22.” Watch a preview of the festival: In our opinion, the festival organizers were really smart to have Lost Lake Festival towards the end of October. It’s ... Read More »