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D23 unveils Star Wars Land, Guy Fieri Swimsuits and Game Of Thrones Watch Party in Scottsdale in Nerdgasm News!


Disney’s D23 convention just unveiled the Star Wars Land model! Disney’s D23 convention is happening in California as we speak and they just unveiled model plans for Star Wars Land opening in 2019 & without surprise, I want to live there! The model shows a “never-before-seen planet, a remote trading port and one of the last stops before Wild Space,” ... Read More »

New Stranger Things teaser trailer and release date PLUS KFC’s new Smartphone and Game Of Thrones Watch Party In Phoenix in Nerdgasm News!

Stranger Things seas 2

  New Stranger Things Teaser Trailer and Poster Netflix is droppin some awesome news and more teaser trailers for the new season of Stranger Things!  Looks like the new season will start the Friday before Halloween which looks like a perfect segue into the first episode as we see the boys in classic Ghostbusters costumes in the midst of trick ... Read More »

Game of Thrones has an extended season finale, Get The Matrix on Vinyl for the first time ever and see who’s scoring Super Troopers 2 in Nerdgasm News!


Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale will be the longest episode With Game of Thrones season 7 nearly a month away, ravens are flying in left and right with news on the upcoming season. Earlier this week, GoT was on their way to the Guinness Book of World Records for setting the most guys on fire on screen. Now it’s ... Read More »

SPOILERS: What Could This New Game of Thrones Photo Mean?!

Game of Thrones

Last we saw Jamie Lannister he was disappointed in his sister/lover Cercei’s very destructive rise to power, yet here we see him dutifully standing by her side. At this point all three of their children together have died, thus the lineage King Robert Baratheon has all passed away (I know very confusing, lets hope you’re completely caught up). This leaves ... Read More »

Game of Thrones delay


In this life they say… “patience is a virtue.” But when it come to Game of Thrones, everyone’s ability to wait for the next episode gets tested.  If you’re a fan of the show, you want the next episode now, not in a week. The same goes for the next season…. you want it now!  Not in a year.  But here’s ... Read More »

More Game of Thrones

got daenyres

If the new GOT trailer that came out yesterday wasn’t enough for you…. here are 3 clips from this upcoming season. Honestly, I’m just hoping every episode spends at least 10 minutes on Daenerys Targaryen. She’s my pick for the Iron Throne, and she has dragons. How can you deny the dragons? Anyway, next Sunday season 6 begins… but it ... Read More »

Season 6 Game Of Thrones Teaser Trailer Is Here!

game of throse season 6 teaser

April can not get here soon enough and Season 6 of Game Of Thrones looks promising! But this teaser scare me…There’s a lot of faces that I love in the Hall of Faces! Haven’t they suffered enough?! Except for Cersei and Joffrey… they deserved the worst… Who’s journey are you excited to see this next season?! -Mo! Read More »