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The Ultimate “Where’s Waldo?”


An epic fan created a Where’s Waldo-like picture that contains 161 references to Green Day… Yes, 161.  Now, if that isn’t dedication, then I don’t know what is.  Try to find as many references as you can, if you’re up to the challenge.  Luckily, there is a cheat sheet on Reddit for those of us that get too frustrated to ... Read More »

Green Day Ugly Sweater

Green Day Bang Bang

Green Day is getting in on the Ugly Sweater game by releasing their own band ugly sweater. You can preorder it here. Alt AZ’s Ugly Sweater Holiday Party is on Monday, December 12th. Get more information here. (Source) Read More »

Green Day – Still Breathing


Just another way for you to procrastinate at work today…  Green Day just dropped the brand new video for “Still Breathing.”  If you’re going through something right now…  this song might be the pick me up you were looking for.  So enjoy and then click here to enter to win tickets to their Phoenix show.  xo – CT Read More »

Green Day have a fan play guitar…


…and the results were unexpected.  At first this dude looks like he might not even really know how to play.  Then he jumps up on a monitor and starts shredding!  He makes use of the whole stage, jumps around, helps sing part of “When I Come Around,” and never missed a note on the guitar.  Most of us can only ... Read More »

Green Day – Ordinary World


This is absolutely my favorite song on Green Day’s new album “Revolution Radio.” The best part, it’s also going to be in a movie by the same name. So enjoy the song below, then watch the trailer for the movie here. xo – CT Read More »

Meet Green Day… Get engaged


Seriously it really happened at a record store signing in LA just a couple of days ago. Look at Billie Joe Armstrong’s face! Clearly this was the best surprise proposal ever… at least I think so…  but some people like rings hidden in food, or messages written on the sand at the beach. Maybe Green Day will play at their wedding ... Read More »

Green Day on Fallon


Some bands are good live, but Green Day are are absolutely mind blowing and amazing!  Check out their performance of “Bang Bang” on Fallon last night.  It will make you wish you could see them in concert this weekend! Even Jimmy Fallon starts freaking out at the end of their performance.  enjoy – CT Read More »