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Music to Help with Spring Cleaning!


It’s around that time of year where people begin to look around their homes and clean out everything from stuffed closets and the forgotten area beneath the furniture. While it may be enjoyable discovering some old Knick knacks that you haven’t seen in about a year or so, but the actual act of cleaning the house tends to be an ... Read More »

Cold War Kids dropped a new song and it’s “Mystical” AF!

Cold War Kids Love Is Mystical

It’s been a great week of SURPRISE new music. Earlier this week, Imagine Dragons dropped their new song “Believer” and today, Cold War Kids followed suit with their song “Love Is Mystical”. And with new music comes a new album called “L.A. Divine”. No date set on when it will be released out into the world but there is a ... Read More »

Imagine Dragons drops NEW music that’ll make you a “Believer”

Imagine Dragons Believer Cover

This morning, I woke up to surprisingly good news! Imagine Dragons dropping new music called “Believer”. At first I was hesitant as Dragons have a particular sound that isn’t normally in my musical wheel house, but my ears perked up within the first few seconds of hearing it! Check out their song “Believer” below: -Mo!     Read More »

K.Flay – Blood in the Cut


K.Flay is poised to take over the world… just watch. Pretty soon she will be a household name. For now though, though here’s her latest song, “Blood in the Cut.” There might even be a plan to put this song in some commercials… they might be coming to a TV near you, soon. shhh… haha. I hope this song turns ... Read More »

Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons starts a record label


You know Dan, the front guy of Imagine Dragons. Well he just started a record label, and the first act he signed is K.Flay. Do you know K.Flay? She is beyond legit. Honestly it’s shocking to me that she’s not bigger already. I had the pleasure of booking her on a show before I moved here to Phoenix, and let ... Read More »