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Nerdgasm News: A New Mini Nintendo Console In The Works, Along with Facebook reads your mind & An Offline Instagram

Super NES

Move Over Classic Mini NES, The SNES mini is coming!  I teared up when I heard Nintendo was going to stop production of their mini Classic NES system earlier this month but only to be replaced by the mini SuperNES Classic edition! They’re planing on releasing this beautiful grey box of magic during Christmas, so get those pre-orders in, because ... Read More »

Baby Cosplay


Nerdist has found the youngest cosplayer to date. “Laura Izumikawa Choi is an established wedding photographer in Los Angeles, but it is the Instagram photos of her baby Joey that have captured the internet’s heart.”, Jenn Fujikawa writes for Nerdist. This couldn’t be any more true. Take a look at some of Choi’s pictures from her Instagram, @lauraiz: Our friend has ... Read More »

Hear Lana Del Rey sing with BØRNS

lana borns

Lana Del Rey just posted a short video of her singing along to BØRNS “American Money.” Being that it’s Lana, the video has this authentic feeling vintage vibe. She also seems to add a bit of sexy energy to the parts of the song she’s singing along to. Now either this means she’s a BØRNS fan ooooorrrr she’s dating Garrett ... Read More »

Green Day’s “Bang, Bang” will debut August 11th

Green Day Bang Bang

Looks like Monday’s a perfect day to tease new upcoming music! Earlier, Thirty Seconds To Mars announced new music happening in 2017 but it looks like we’re getting new music from Green Day even sooner! On August 11th, they’ll be debuting “Bang, Bang”. Make sure you’re listening to us on the App or live stream so you don’t miss it! ... Read More »

Brace Yourselves: Lisa Frank Clothing Is Coming…

LF Dolphin Crop Top

If you’re not familiar with Lisa Frank, you obviously didn’t grow up with girls in the 90’s. With those hot, bold colors and animal printed folders, how could you not be familiar with it?! Well, your inner tween will have a chance to shine again cause they’re making clothes now! RageOn! Just look at all those colors! It’s like the rainbow puke ... Read More »

And the #PokemonMo winners are….


The #PokemonMo meet up at Tempe Beach Park was INCREDIBLE last night! In order to score tickets to shows we’ve got coming up, I asked our participants to send in their pictures of Pokemon they caught that night. They were judged on creativity, how rare the Pokemon was and ALT AZ SPIRIT! Here are last nights FINAL winners in order ... Read More »

Travis Barker givin us a taste of drums for the new Blink 182 album

Travis Barker on Drums

Bless Mark Hoppus for posting a video of Travis on the drums. Giving us just a taste of what’s to come on their upcoming album w/ new lead singer Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio). There’s gonna be soooo many dope albums coming out this year, but this one has my bones shaking in excitement. What are your thoughts? You yay or ... Read More »

Paul McCartney & Beck Perform At PETA’s 35th Anniversary Party


Photos Via Kevin Nealon’s Instagram Beck joined Sir Paul McCartney on stage for PETA’s 35th anniversary gala last night. McCartney and his band did around 20 songs while Beck jumped in for “Ive Just Seen A Face” and “Drive My Car”. No full videos yet but we get a nice little appetizer of their performance below.   Read More »

Patrick Carney Of The Black Keys Dislocates Shoulder

The Concert for Valor

There’s nothing like going to the hospital while you’re on vacation… Over the weekend, Black Keys’ drummer, Patrick Carney dislocated his shoulder while vacationing with his family in the Caribbeans. According to NME , Carney was swimming in the ocean when a giant wave crashed into him, slamming him into the bottom of the ocean floor. He was taken to the ... Read More »