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“Hello Kitty” Bullet Train Soon to be A Reality in Japan

Image is Property of West Japan Railway Company

Hold on to your whiskers, because we’re going 150mph…At LEAST. As summer begins, people from all over the world will have another reason to be jealous of Japan’s Bullet Train System. Not only are these trains incredibly fast and reliable, but at least one (starting June 30th) will be pink as all get out. now, the concept of having themed ... Read More »

Japan Develops Robotic Dog That Detects Smelly Feet

Property of Japan

Japan, you never fail the rest the world when it comes to surprising us with what you create. This little 6-inch long pupper is capable of smelling the area around it with various Oder sensors, and if the robotic dog (named Hana-chan)smells a problem, it can fix it in no time! From the website where this discovery was initially found, ... Read More »

Preview Super Nintendo World, Pokemon Go celebrates 1 year and NASA’s new Batman Inspired Mars Rover in Nerdgasm News!


Super Nintendo World looks like an Italian plumber’s dream! Start save your gold coins friends, we just got a preview of what Super Nintendo World will look like and it looks AMAZING! The first commercial for Nintendo’s new amusement park at Universal Studios Japan makes it look like you’re stepping into Mario world equipped with Bowser’s Castle, green pipes and ... Read More »

Audiophiles are Installing Their Own Utility Poles For Better Sound


There’s a new trend amongst well-to-do Japanese people of outfitting their homes with personal utility poles complete with custom transformers. The idea works something like a home’s internet speeds, if you have a bunch of people using a bunch of devices on the same WiFi network, the increase in traffic causes a decrease in speeds. By installing their own power ... Read More »

A Live Action Pokémon Movie? Yea, That’s Happening!

pokemon go

(Image Source: TV Tokyo) Legendary Entertainment is teaming up with Pokémon Company, and Universal Pictures to make a live-action Pokémon movie. This will be the start of an all live-action franchise. Production won’t begin until 2017, but we do know that the title of the film will be ‘Detective Pikachu’ (based on a new character that is part of an exclusive Japanese ... Read More »

The Force is strong with Japan

Star Wars Rice Patty Field

There’s something so mesmerizing about Japan. Their fashion, their music… their creative artwork displayed in rice fields.. That sort of thing. Well once a year, in a village in Japan called Aomori Prefecture’s Inakadate, they honor their cultural history and artistic skills. This year, they must have been feeling “The Force” strong within them to design a Star Wars The Force Awakens rice field, complete ... Read More »

Man Pretends To Be A Mannequin For Halloween


It seems like those who enjoy Halloween the most are those who have the most fun with it. This YouTuber decided to make the best out of his specific situation (being about a foot taller than most of the people in Japan) and act like a mannequin and give passers by a slight scare. Check it out!   Read More »

Amazing New Video From OK Go – “I Won’t Let You Down”

OK Go Wont let you down

Everyone (at least we hope everyone) remembers that incredibly entertaining and well choreographed treadmill music video for OK Go’s song “Here It Goes Again” we saw back in 2009. Fortunately we can now say that they have graced us with another amazing music video of epic proportions for their song “I Won’t Let You Down” with several hundred people choreographed and ... Read More »