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Add this to your holiday wish list

Everything in 21st century seems to need a USB charger.  So instead of getting a boring, generic, basic car plug, get a baby groot charger instead! Seriously….  secret santa if you are out there can you get this for me?  IT will make my geeky heart oh so happy.  xo – Christy Read More »

Doctor Strange Is Unlike Any Other Marvel Movie

Everyone’s still celebrating the Chicago Cubs World Series win and I’m over here excited for Doctor Strange to come out! Luckily my buddy Brent Hankins is with the press so he got to watch it before most people. So we talked a bit about what to expect and if it’s worth the money 😀 Spoiler Alert: It’s a Marvel movie ... Read More »

The best movies have memorable music

Unless we are talking about the movies in the Marvel Universe.  Think about it, you can probably hum or sing the music that backs key scenes from, Indian Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, ET, James Bond, Halloween, Jaws, and so many other movies.  But when it comes to Marvel movies, the music that lets you know Iron Man is coming or Loki ... Read More »

Marvel And DC Have Enough Superheroes For 3,400 More Years Of Movies

Steven Spielberg might have been wrong when he said, “We were around when the Western died and there will be a time when the superhero movie goes the way of the Western. There will come a day when the mythological stories are supplanted by some other genre that possibly some young filmmaker is just thinking about discovering for all of us.” Marvel Comics ... Read More »

Check out the Newest trailer for Doctor Strange

The 2nd trailer for Doctor Strange premiered at San Diego Comic Con this weekend. The more and more I watch it, the more I’m convinced this may be Benedict Cumberbatch’s best role yet. Born to play it is saying a bit much, but that’s where I’m leaning towards. Doctor Strange is out November 4th. feature photo via Youtube Read More »

Captain America: Civil War Review

While everyone was counting down the hours til they celebrate Cinco De Drinko today, I was counting down the hours to see the new Captain America: Civil War movie… Luckily! My buddy Brent Hankins (my movie review guy) stopped in to give me a rundown of the movie and his ultimate review. Listen below and let me know which team are ... Read More »

The Exclusive Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer Is Here!

The Marvel universe is a complex one but with the new Doctor Strange movie coming into play, we’ve apparently only scratched the surface. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Stephen Vincent Strange, a talented surgeon all while being a total D-Bag. Dr. Strange ends up in a car accident that would cripple his hands from performing surgery ever again. After years of ... Read More »

The New X-Men: Apocalypse IS HERE!

The second trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse released this past week and we get to see a lot more of Apocalypse and his horsemen. Professor Xavier, as always against a war but you see mystique lead them into it. For me it looks amazing, but I’m sure most major comic book fans and fans of the cartoon may differ. What do ... Read More »

The totally NSFW 2ND RED BAND Trailer for Deadpool is here!

This is going to be the first Marvel movie that’s rated R for RIDICULOUSLY EPIC! It looks as if they’re sticking close to the origin of the Deadpool comic books which is great because if you’ve read ANY of em, you know you’re in for a good time! This isn’t gonna be your typical superhero movie, just check out the ... Read More »