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Daredevil Gets A Trailer

Marvel has been on a hot streak with their movies, but will their television installments receive as much praise? The Netflix Original Daredevil will be the first chance for us to find out. Read More »

New Trailer For The Fantastic 4

Superhero movies are doing great right now, but after two rather bad installments, can Fantastic Four find a neew audience with a reboot this summer? Watch the trailer and let us know what you think! Read More »

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Gets An 80’s Trailer Treatment

The Marvel movies have proven themselves time and time again to be well done and, even if not award worth, at least fun. One of the few that has been the most highly regarded so far has been this years “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” for numerous reasons. But one thing was always missing from it; a traditional 80’s action ... Read More »