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Elon Musk Masks Now Available to Public

Image is Property of Space X and Elon Musk

That’s RIGHT! Get your very own billionaire face mask TODAY, and the best part is that (Unlike Musk himself) its free of charge. Earlier this week, what I can only imagine to be two bored Space X workers found the time and resources in order to design and create masks of their boss, for everyone to enjoy. All the masks ... Read More »

This Lady is the most Joyful Wookie Ever!!!

With all the negative in the world, Candace Payne has made EVERYONE’S day today with her love for her new Chewbacca toy! Just have tissues nearby to help you with all the tears from laughing! Thanks for your joy Candace, you’ve made my #FeelGoodFriday the best one this month! -Mo! Read More »