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“Daria” Characters 20 Years Later

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According to Pitchfork, original character designer Karen Disher and “Daria” creators Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis have come together in conjunction with Entertainment Weekly to try to envision what the characters on the cult classic TV show “Daria” would be like twenty years down the road. You can view the whole gallery here. Twenty years after the debut of MTV's hit #Daria, ... Read More »

MTV hates bands

VMAs 2016

Yup, I said it…  MTV, hates bands. Don’t believe me?  Did you watch the VMA’s last night? If not, you didn’t miss much, but if you did, you might have noticed what was missing…  BANDS! Need proof, watch the VMA recap that MTV made themselves below.  There aren’t any bands in it.  What’s even worse is there were categories bands ... Read More »

MTV’s is actually playing music videos!?!

MTV flag

The only catch is these videos are going to be old. See MTV is re-branding VH1 Classic as MTV Classic next month. So I guess they think changing the name makes it a bit more cool? But here’s what I want to know…. who’s still paying for cable that includes all the bonus channels? LOL. I actually got rid of ... Read More »

Fall Out Boy Will Perform At The MTV Movie Awards


Photo by Christopher Mark. This Sunday, April 12th fans of both movies and music will be enjoying the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. Award shows means musical acts, and it has been revealed that the first of the night will be none other than Fall Out Boy. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, bassist Pete Wentz spoke vaguely about some ... Read More »