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Nerdgasm News: Start Binge Watching Your Fave Shows On HBO Go, Netflix’s bringing back Carmen San Diego & Your Fave N64 game is getting a documentary!


You can finally binge watch your fave HBO show! Couldn’t you always? Well kinda… Before you could watch any HBO show as you please but as soon as the episode is over, it stops. Well its a thing of the past now! The binge feature has now been added so you continue marathoning all those Game Of Thrones episodes. Before ... Read More »

N64 Turns 20 Today! Here’s Top 5 Games to play on N64!


Man, it feels like it was just yesterday, staying up late, playing GoldenEye with my sisters, drinking a lot of surge and just hearing the rumble packs freak out everytime you got shot… it’s hard to believe that was roughly 20 years ago. Cause on this day, 20 years ago, Nintendo 64 was first released in the US. N64 had ... Read More »