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NASA Promises “Sonic Thump” During Future Tests

This Image is Property of NASA

For a when a full Sonic Boom is a bit too much. Earlier today, NASA announced that they are teaming up with aircraft producer Lockheed Martin to begin testing out a new flying process that will hopefully allow aircraft to break the Sound Barrier (~761MPH) without a majority of the noise that often comes with tearing apart the Sound Barrier. ... Read More »

Preview Super Nintendo World, Pokemon Go celebrates 1 year and NASA’s new Batman Inspired Mars Rover in Nerdgasm News!

Super Nintendo World looks like an Italian plumber’s dream! Start save your gold coins friends, we just got a preview of what Super Nintendo World will look like and it looks AMAZING! The first commercial for Nintendo’s new amusement park at Universal Studios Japan makes it look like you’re stepping into Mario world equipped with Bowser’s Castle, green pipes and ... Read More »

Smell Colors and Listen To The Sounds of Jupiter in Nerdgasm News!

Smell-O-Vision may soon be a thing There’s a Swiss Art School currently developing a sweet little device that let’s people smell colors called Bouquet. It allows people to smell the colors of the art piece they’re viewing almost like smell o vision! The device detects the color its presented and delivers a corresponding mix of fragrances through the cone shaped ... Read More »