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The Chris and Paul Show visit The Mo Show!

Have you ever tried to tell a story without speaking or writing it out? Chris and Paul make it look like a walk in the park with their comedy. You’ve seen them on NBC’s Bring The Funny, so naturally, the guys stop by the studio to talk about living in a 16 x 8 apartment together, how they almost had ... Read More »

Mo & Jeff Dye who did not die!

Mo got a visit from our friend Jeff Dye, and got an update on the death threats that he was previously getting! Spoiler, he’s thankfully still alive! She also got some deets on his upcoming show with Terry Bradshaw! Hear the entire interview below and catch him live this weekend at Stand Up Live! Read More »

Brooklyn Nine-Nine REVIVED and Picked Up By NBC for Sixth Season

Image is Property of FOX and NBC Entertainment

Fans rejoice as TV’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine has risen from the grave and been given new life. This news comes after fans were broken-hearted hearing the news that FOX had chosen the cancel the comedy, with almost no objections. Many fans were looking to Hulu to pick up the show, as Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an exclusive on their platform and often ... Read More »

Hanging with comedian and impressionist Melissa Villaseñor!

Comedian and actress Melissa Villaseñor stopped by the studio this morning to chat about how it is being the first Latina on Saturday Night Live, and give us some of her famous impressions. Check out the entire interview below, and be sure to check her out this weekend (Thur March 22 through Sat March 24) at Tempe Improv! As well ... Read More »

Possible new season of ‘Friends’?

By now some of you must have seen the recent post going around Facebook of a ‘Friends’ reunion season. Unfortunately this is not “The One When They Come Back”. In case anyone has missed this fake post, here it is for all to see. The post has been shared over 126,000 times, and has over 82K comments. It was shared ... Read More »

It’s time to watch the Olympics

Are you ready to support the RED ~ WHITE ~ and BLUE!?! It probably would help if you knew, when and where to watch.  This handy cheat sheet should help.  Thanks to NBC for showing the games…. and extra special thanks to my $10 digital antenna (totally legal btw) that lets me see everything without cable! If you want more Olympics, ... Read More »