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Still in shock from this amazing interview with Chris Hardwick

the mo-est mo and chris

I still can’t believe how awesome that was! Geek lord and all around great guy Chris Hardwick was hanging out with us in studio for over an hour! Check out the interviews and blurbs below where we talk about so much stuff! We get his take on the current NerdgasmNews as well as FacepalmNews, and hear some great stories and ... Read More »

Baby Cosplay


Nerdist has found the youngest cosplayer to date. “Laura Izumikawa Choi is an established wedding photographer in Los Angeles, but it is the Instagram photos of her baby Joey that have captured the internet’s heart.”, Jenn Fujikawa writes for Nerdist. This couldn’t be any more true. Take a look at some of Choi’s pictures from her Instagram, @lauraiz: Our friend has ... Read More »

San Diego Comic Con and why it’s awesome

comic con musical

Maybe you have never understood the appeal of San Diego Comic Con.  So I understand that when I tell you it’s absolutely amazing you probably will just be like, “Ok. Why?” Watch this video…. it will pretty much cover everything.  The cosplay, the star spotting, the parties, Hall H, aaaaaahhhh so good! Plus they reworked the song from beauty and ... Read More »