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2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Suffer a Slight Drop in Ratings

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How could this be? Well, it seems to be a multitude of reasons that caused the Opening Ceremony’s ratings to underperform. Starting off the drop in ratings was around 12% when compared to the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, which is just enough to be concerned. Friday night’s proceedings still actually garnered around 27.8 million people to watch, which ... Read More »

It’s time to watch the Olympics


Are you ready to support the RED ~ WHITE ~ and BLUE!?! It probably would help if you knew, when and where to watch.  This handy cheat sheet should help.  Thanks to NBC for showing the games…. and extra special thanks to my $10 digital antenna (totally legal btw) that lets me see everything without cable! If you want more Olympics, ... Read More »

The Summer Olympics are coming….


It’s always an exciting time rooting on all the athletes rocking the Red White and Blue…. but here’s another reason to get excited, Simone Biles. She is about to be the face you see on your Wheaties box and you might not have even heard of her yet. She’s a tiny fire cracker of a gymnast expected to win all ... Read More »