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Comedic Pop Punk Medley “All the Old Things” is AWESOME

Sometimes, we can catch ourselves reminiscing about the past. Maybe things were easier, or they were people or memories that we remember fondly. This can be especially true with music, with certain songs encompassing parts of life in general. For example, for me, Capital Cities’s “Safe and Sound” will always remind me of summertime, back when there were little to no responsibilities ... Read More »

Pop Punk has No Leader Nowadays

Pretend it’s the early years of the 21st century, your just chilling in your room playing some Gamecube, decked out in the freshest Tony Hawk gear, and Blink 182 is blasting in the background…good times, right? It sure seems so, but the river that is time waits for no one, and we have all aged since then. With that time, some things had ... Read More »

Homegrown Band: Girl Repellent “Thanks But No Thanks”

  WELCOME TO HOMEGROWN! A Local Music Segment airing every Monday through Friday at 11pm w/ Mo! Tonight’s Feature Band: Girl Repellent’s been a kick ass band since 1997 and still continue to rock the local scene in Arizona. They’re a pop-punk band outta Gilbert, AZ. They don’t get together and play as much as they used to, but when ... Read More »

Top 10 Songs: Blink 182

A list compiled by Dan Caffrey, Collin Brennan, and Randall Colburn show us which Blink 182 songs you want to listen to if you’re 20 years old, and just not ready to grow up yet. Their list includes hits like ‘I miss you’, and ‘What’s My Age Again’.   Click here to see the full list, and to feel the nostalgia Watch:   Read More »

Punks Not Dead, It’s Just A Bit Sleepy

Sparrow Sleeps is famous for making lullaby covers of your favorite punk, pop punk, and rock songs. Their newest album, ‘Hypersomniac’, is a nod to Green Day’s ‘Insomniac’, and includes softened up versions of Green Day’s hits like ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’, and ‘Basket Case’ . Insomniac music fans, and rocker parents alike will love not only this album, but might also ... Read More »