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“The Orville”…Do We Want Another Seth MacFarlane Show?

Image and Show Property of FOX

Tonight marks the night for the premiere of a new FOX Comedy called “The Orville” which looks to be a spoof on Star Trek and other space adventures. The main draw bringing audiences to the TV is Comedy Giant Seth MacFarlane being the lead actor and creator of the show. trailers have made it look interesting so far, but will ... Read More »

D23 unveils Star Wars Land, Guy Fieri Swimsuits and Game Of Thrones Watch Party in Scottsdale in Nerdgasm News!


Disney’s D23 convention just unveiled the Star Wars Land model! Disney’s D23 convention is happening in California as we speak and they just unveiled model plans for Star Wars Land opening in 2019 & without surprise, I want to live there! The model shows a “never-before-seen planet, a remote trading port and one of the last stops before Wild Space,” ... Read More »

New Green Day is coming!

Photo Credit: Frank Maddocks

As Mo reported last week, Green Day have a new song coming out this Thursday.  So you’re probably wondering when you can expect to hear “Bang Bang” on Alt AZ.  So here’s that plan straight from the Boss… 7:00 am – With Camfield in the Morning 12:25 pm – With Christy Taylor for her 2nd helping 4:20 pm – With ... Read More »