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Green Day Ugly Sweater

Green Day is getting in on the Ugly Sweater game by releasing their own band ugly sweater. You can preorder it here. Alt AZ’s Ugly Sweater Holiday Party is on Monday, December 12th. Get more information here. (Source) Read More »

Converse To Release Punk Rock Hi-Tops

According to Alternative Press, Converse is set to release The Clash Collection of Hi-Tops to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the punk-rock movement. The Clash Collection will be available for purchase at specialty retailers, Converse stores, and on their website. Prices range from $70 to $85. Check out the design below! Source Read More »

NOFX’s Fat Mike Kicks Fan In Face

NOFX recently played a show in Sydney and things got a little hairy with a fan. During the show a fan ran on stage and went in for a shoulder hug. Well Fat Mike wasn’t having any of that and forearmed the kid, if that wasn’t bad enough once the kid hit the ground he kicked him right in the ... Read More »

Warped Tour To Announce Bands Next Month

Starting next month the Vans Warped Tour will start announcing bands for the 2015 run of the tour. Click here to check out all the dates and cities that Warped will be hitting next summer. With this announcement we want to ask you guys what bands you are hoping will be on the tour next summer? Check out some kick ... Read More »

Iggy Pop Gets Why People Hated Having U2’s Album Forced On Them

The Godfather of Punk was in London at BBC Radio 6 giving a lecture on selling out in the industry, stealing music and why people hated having U2’s new album forced upon them. Iggy had this to say on the album appearing in your iTunes account: “The people who don’t want the free U2 download are trying to say, don’t ... Read More »