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AFI, My Oh My

Picture Credit of Mike Smith of MNR Images

AFI (full name A Fire Inside, Anthems For Insubordinates, or even Asking For It)has survived 20+ yearsin total with all of the same members since 1998. Even after releasing 10 albums and even a DVD, the band has stayed true to it’s roots. AFI is without a doubt one of the most influential punk bands (at least regarding the turn of the ... Read More »

Homegrown Band: Authority Zero “Today We Heard The News”


WELCOME TO HOMEGROWN! A Local Music Segment airing every Monday through Friday at 11pm w/ Mo! Tonight’s Feature Band: Mesa, AZ based punk rock royalty AUTHORITY ZERO has managed to weather the music industry storm and endure living on the road away from friends and loved ones for almost 2 decades. With four studio albums under their belt, two live acoustic albums, and two EP’s, ... Read More »

Punks Not Dead, It’s Just A Bit Sleepy

green day uno

Sparrow Sleeps is famous for making lullaby covers of your favorite punk, pop punk, and rock songs. Their newest album, ‘Hypersomniac’, is a nod to Green Day’s ‘Insomniac’, and includes softened up versions of Green Day’s hits like ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’, and ‘Basket Case’ . Insomniac music fans, and rocker parents alike will love not only this album, but might also ... Read More »

NOFX’s Fat Mike Kicks Fan In Face


NOFX recently played a show in Sydney and things got a little hairy with a fan. During the show a fan ran on stage and went in for a shoulder hug. Well Fat Mike wasn’t having any of that and forearmed the kid, if that wasn’t bad enough once the kid hit the ground he kicked him right in the ... Read More »