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Howie Mandel is rebooting Bobby’s World!

Last week, Howie Mandel of America’s Got Talent, Deal or No Deal and Bobby’s World called into The Mo! Show. During the call (about 1:35) Mo asked if there would be a possible Bobby’s World reboot in the works, to which he replied, “We’re trying!” check out the rest of the interview below! Read More »

HELLBOY is coming back (kind of), Rocket Raccoon Needs Your Help & This Inflatable Collar Could Save Your Life in Nerdgasm News!

  This Inflatable Collar Could Save Your Life In The Water Every summer, it seems the rates of people drowning in pools get Too Damn High! Luckily the creators of PLOOTA feel the same. They currently have a kickstarter up for an inflatable collar you wear around your neck while swimming and if it senses any danger, it will automatically ... Read More »

Ghostbusters Reboot Official Trailer

The Ghostbusters reboot trailer w/ an all female cast is finally out and I can’t express how “meh” I am about this. It’s hard for me to see, basically the ladies of SNL, portray a new version of Ghostbusters. Yeah, it’s cool they’re all female and yeah there’s a hot dude in the movie but I still see, Bill Murray, ... Read More »

New Trailer For The Fantastic 4

Superhero movies are doing great right now, but after two rather bad installments, can Fantastic Four find a neew audience with a reboot this summer? Watch the trailer and let us know what you think! Read More »