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New Music Video fro Royal Blood’s “Hook, Line & Sinker”

British Rock Duo Royal Blood are finally “Out of the black” and back in the spotlight with a new album called How Did We Get So Dark? I’m starting to see a re-occuring theme of darkness in their music with “Out Of The Black” and last months single “Lights Out” but their latest jam “Hook, Line & Sinker” follows a different route. ... Read More »

5 days til Halloween: My Top 10 Halloween Themed Music Videos

I’m a sucker for Halloween. It’s not the candy, or the skanky costumes (See Sexy Pizza Rat)… It’s the element of creepiness, horror and decorations and just plain ol’ being spooked! Every October, I typically dive deeper into horror movies of all varieties but I have no yet dived deeper into the Halloween themed music videos. So this year, I have ... Read More »

Royal Blood Cover “Roxanne” By The Police

Recently, Royal Blood performed their cover of The Police’s hit song, “Roxanne” on BBC Radio 1. It is rare for a cover version of a song to sound as good as the original. That makes this live performance all the more special because we get to witness it in all it’s glory. Check it out now! Read More »