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Ryan Reynolds LOVES this Faked Deadpool in Avengers “Leak”

Image is Faked, but Marvel is Property of Disney

With technology we can indulge in possibilities that no one would ever consider. When it comes to movies, Marvel fans are one of the most ravenous and excitable fanbases there is. Absolutely anything, from half of a logo to a complete cast list can generate enough hype to power New York City. This same level of excitement is only compounded ... Read More »

Honest Trailers Review For Deadpool

If you haven’t seen Deadpool yet… We can’t be friends… BUT! You can redeem yourself when you watch the guys at Screen Junkies give Deadpool their famous “Honest Trailers” treatment below! A LOT of bleeps so if you’re at work, bust out the headphones and be careful to not bust out laughing. Enjoy! -Mo!   Oh! Don’t forget Deadpool comes out ... Read More »

The totally NSFW 2ND RED BAND Trailer for Deadpool is here!

This is going to be the first Marvel movie that’s rated R for RIDICULOUSLY EPIC! It looks as if they’re sticking close to the origin of the Deadpool comic books which is great because if you’ve read ANY of em, you know you’re in for a good time! This isn’t gonna be your typical superhero movie, just check out the ... Read More »

NSFW Red-Band Trailer for Deadpool!

I’m pretty sure everyone is going to be touching themselves after this Red Band Trailer that is SOOOOOO NOT SAFE FOR WORK… But that’s besides the point! The Deadpool movie is getting closer and closer which seemed like a dream years ago. Ryan Reynolds stars as the merc with the mouth and will be hitting theaters in February 12th, 2016. It’s going ... Read More »