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Say a prayer of forgiveness for The Nun

A few weeks back, I was given an opportunity to watch the latest movie in The Conjuring universe called The Nun. Besides the super cool experience of watching it in a convent in Mexico City, mind you, it’s thundering, hail and rain are crashing against the pavement and windows, it was the perfect setting for this movie and it made ... Read More »

Mo’s Top 5 Horror Movie Remakes

A LOT of remakes are terrible. ESPECIALLY scary movies. There’s probably a longer list of the top terrible remakes than there are actual good ones. Since we’re nearing Halloween, I figure this is the week to get all the good Halloween movie remakes in. Here’s my top 5…. 5. Amittyville Horror Ryan Reynolds in 2005 was mainly known for his ... Read More »

Crazy Ghost Hologram Effect

Are you in the Halloween spirit yet? Hopefully! It’s tomorrow for crying out loud! Well if you are one of those last minute people who have yet to even decorate, check out what these guys did thanks to some special effects, a projector, and a semi-transparent mesh fabric. Pretty freaking cool. Check it out below, and Happy Halloween!   Read More »