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Zombie Prom is going to be the undead of all festivals! Not only will you and your family see your favorite bands live you’ll also experience the ALT AZ Zombie Prom scavenger hunt where you can win ALT AZ Swag, candy, and maybe even tickets to a show! Get ready to play fun yard games like corn hole and giant Jenga while dining on delicious food and beverage. Alcohol will be available for purchase for those over 21 years! Feel free to bring in blankets so you can lounge in the grass.


We encourage everyone to dress up in their best Zombie costumes! (NO MASKS ALLOWED.) There will be on-site face painting to put the finishing touches on your costume. The ALT AZ A-Team will be out in the crowd throughout the day pulling those with the best costumes to come backstage to meet the bands! One lucky couple will be crowed Zombie Prom King and Queen!


Zombie Prom is the only place you will get to experience the Jimmy Eat World Hometown Album Release Party. Your hometown heroes are dropping their 10th album and they will be celebrating with you at Zombie Prom!

LYFT Discounts!

Play it safe the night of Zombie Prom and use Lyft! New users download the Lyft app and get $50 in FREE ride credits! Use code: ZOMBIEPROM. Existing users get 25% off 2 rides up to $5 a ride. Use code: ZPROM.



From 2p-5p drinks are a $1 off!

For a full list of “Do’s and Don’ts” click here. 


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Once a trailblazing name in the mid-’90s emocore scene, Jimmy Eat World eventually found a larger audience by embracing a blend of alternative rock and power pop that targeted the heart as well as the head. The band’s influence widened considerably with 1999’s Clarity — an album that has since emerged as a landmark of the emo genre — it was the band’s follow-up (specifically the infectious single “The Middle”) that crowned them as major figures in commercial rock. The emo label proved difficult to shake throughout the 2000s, even when subsequent albums like Futures and Chase This Light did little to evoke the hard-edged sensitivity of Clarity, but Jimmy Eat World still remained a league above the generation of emocore torch-bearers they helped spawn. Bio – MTV.com.



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In 2004, Good Charlotte returned with The Chronicles of Life and Death, which hit number three on the Billboard charts but failed to sell as well as the band’s previous album. Wilson exited the band in mid-2005, citing health reasons, and later went on to join the Summer Obsession. Dean Butterworth (who had previously drummed for Morrissey, among others) joined up in time for sessions for the crew’s fourth album, which were held in Vancouver and away from the Madden-loving paparazzi (especially Joel and his then-girlfriend Hilary Duff). The much more varied Good Morning Revival appeared in late March 2007, spearheaded by the single “The River,” which featured M. Shadows and Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold. In 2009 the bandmembers announced that they were returning both to the studio and their punk roots. The group’s fifth album, Cardiology, was released in 2010. Cardiology peaked at 31 on the charts and Good Charlotte then went on hiatus. The Madden Brothers released a soft rock solo project called Greetings from California in 2014 — it failed to chart — and then the pair reconvened Good Charlotte for 2016’s Youth Authority. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi



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In their lavish stage presence and magnetic appeal, The Struts have more than demonstrated a preternatural command of monumental crowds. But while all that glitz and flash never fail to thrill, the band’s impassioned music and high-powered spirit also fulfill a far greater purpose. “The main mission of the band is to bring back that feeling of fun and rock & roll, especially to all those people who are bored by what’s going on these days,” says Spiller. “We really believe that music, when it’s done right, can help you escape the present moment, and then just send you somewhere else entirely.”



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Lewis Del Mar is a duo from Rockaway Beach in Queens, NY. The project is two lifelong friends, Danny Miller and Max Harwood, who have crafted a sound as challenging as it is comforting. Lewis Del Mar’s sonic hybrid blends barefaced bedroom recordings of acoustic guitars and soulful vocals over a rich soundscape of complex live and sampled percussion. A riveting tension exists as their sound calls upon inspiration ranging from latin folk to The Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique and J Dilla.



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A British singer/songwriter who splits the difference between Ed Sheeran’s sensitivity, the big-footed stomp of early Mumford & Sons, and a keen moodiness, Barns Courtney received a heavy boost in 2015 when his song “Fire” appeared on the soundtrack to the Bradley Cooper vehicle Burnt. Prior to that break, the singer/songwriter — born Barnaby Courtney but shortened to the performing name of Barns — had led a band called SleeperCell, a British indie group that never got very far. Once SleeperCell split, Courtney continued to tour as a singer/songwriter, opening for Libertine Carl Baraton a solo jaunt and Ed Sheeran on a North American tour, but he paid the bills by working at PC World. He signed with Virgin, and “Fire” made its way to the production circles of Burnt; and was selected for the soundtrack, with a second single called “Glitter and Gold” appearing around the same time. Next up was work on his first full-length album. Bio by Allmusic.com.



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On “Blood in the Cut” — the moody and magnetic lead single from her new EP Crush Me — K.Flay turns emotional damage into unlikely transcendence. “It’s about inundating yourself with feelings of pain and angst, and how that can be its own form of power,” says Kristine Flaherty, the L.A.-based artist who made her debut as K.Flay with a series of releases in 2010. “The songs on the EP revolve around the idea of a person or a force seeking to crush you or hold you down, but there’s a defiant energy to them — like, ‘Yeah, go ahead and try.’”



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The Hunna are a four-piece indie rock band from Hertfordshire, England. Singer/guitarist Ryan Potter, lead guitarist Dan Dorney, bassist Jermaine Angin, and drummer Jack Metcalfe quickly built a local following before teaming up with producer Tim Larcombe (Lana Del Rey, Halsey) to record their debut single. “Bonfires” and its B-side, “She’s Casual,” were released in October 2015, coinciding with the Hunna’s first supporting tour with Bristol-based band Coasts. ~ Timothy Monger, Rovi





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