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10 Great Gifts for Alternative Rocker Babies


Do you have a friend whose world is about to be rocked? Not by music this time, but by the arrival of the loudest in-house concert screamer! Everyone is going to get them diapers whether they want them or not, but I’m sure you’ve been racking your brain with something unique to give them that fits their personality. Just because pooping-crying life is about to dropped into their arms doesn’t mean they won’t still be alternative rockers who love music.

If anything, the arrival of a baby makes music even more important. In fact, the music played frequently around the mom while the baby is growing in the womb will be the music that calms the baby down after their big debut. Mom probably isn’t listening to a lot of classical music- especially since they debunked the theory that listening to it in utero makes babies smarter. It’s likely she’s listening to the same stuff that she was rocking out to before getting pregnant. If your soon-to-be parent-friends were ALT AZ listeners, we have some great gift ideas for you to incorporate into their shower!

*But also don’t forget about their registry. These are fun gifts but note that there are probably certain things they actually need or product/lifestyle preferences they prefer.* Most of these gifts will fit any lifestyle choice, but skim through their registry to make sure first.



1. This Band Tee Onesie 

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 12.00.20 PM


Dress the baby in something that the parents would wear themselves! Find a onesie from their favorite alternative rock band, or if they have a collection of band tee’s, get a seamstress to make some onesies out of the material. Clothing with a story is the best kind. This is much better than those onsies that say things like, “daddy’s fastest swimmer” with a cartoon sperm on the front. It’s something they will actually bring their baby out in public in!

You can purchase this exact onesie on the Rowdy Sprout website for $49. Click HERE

2. Rockin’ Rubber Duckies

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 12.03.08 PM

Bath time isn’t always fun for parents… but it’s more fun when they have a unique toy to distract their baby. Snag up these rocker-duckies. All the fun and usefulness of a traditional rubber duck, only way cooler. These guys will quickly become the baby’s bath-time BFF.

You can get these bad boys on the Oriental Trading site for just $6.99. Something fun and affordable to pair with an item off their registry that shows you know them and wanted to find something special. Click HERE.

3. Guitar Teether Toys

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 11.59.09 AM

Sure, screaming at a concert is fun but having a screamer take up residence in your home is NOT. Pick up these cute guitar-shaped teething toys for your friends with babies! Not only are they fun but they aren’t nearly as obnoxious looking as most of today’s teething toys. Remind the parents that they just might be raising the next big rocker.

What’s nice about these ones is the neck of the guitar allows for a long extension to aide with teething those incoming back molars that many teethers don’t account for. Also, they are made in the USA!

You can get one of these in a variety of colors and toughness levels for $9.99 from ARK. Click HERE.



4. Baby Earmuffs “Headphones”

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 12.38.22 PM

This is a GREAT gift. Let the soon-to-be parents know that you still want to rock out with them and even the rugrat can tag along. Baby earmuffs are made to reduce noise and protect those developing eardrums in loud spaces… spaces like, concerts. This is as much a gift for baby as it is for the parents. Real friends still go to concerts with friends who have children!

There are a ton of different brands of baby earmuffs. You can quickly get these with Amazon Prime for $24.95. Click HERE.

5. A RockABye Baby CD


You can’t go wrong with the gift of music. Here’s an album with tunes the parents will recognize and the babies will be soothed to sleep with. If your friend’s aren’t Bon Jovi fans, there are other artists that have had their greatest hits turned into lullabies too! This is great for babies who are fussy in the car or need to music to go down for nap time. Give your friends the gift of relief with Rockabye Baby!

You can snag these a variety of places. On Amazon it’s $11.99. Click HERE to purchase.

6. This Red Hot Chili Pepper Stuffed Toy

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 12.05.35 PM

 This one is more punny than anything else… but if there was ever a time to whip out a “dad joke” it’s now! Get the stuffed toy version of your friend’s favorite band to give to their baby. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bush- there is even a Twenty One Pilots plush from their “Dema” world you can get on Ebay. Get creative, make your friends smile and give the baby a new companion they can drag around until the seams bust.

You can purchase this chili pepper by Jellycat from the Pacifier site for $16.99. Click HERE.

7. A Pair of Baby Vans

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 12.02.31 PM

You might already have a feeling this unborn child is going be a little punk based off of genetics. Suit up the baby in style that matches the parents with these adorable, but totally scene, baby Vans! They have several styles for infants, including all the traditional checkered colors. Maybe the whole family can match for some newborn photos.

I found these cool flaming Vans at Nordstrom for $26.95. I’d recommend going a size up on these. The baby can always grow into them, but once they are too big, they are toast. Click HERE.

8. “Let’s Rock” Scratcher Mittens

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 12.07.36 PM

Babies are so metal, they will literally scratch their eyes out. That’s why parents often opt to cover their scrumptious little fingers in scratcher mittens. Make it look like the baby is rocking out to your favorite jams with you with these Let’s Rock gloves! Honestly, the mittens never stay on super well from my experience but a lot of parents really love them and this pair is sure to put a smile on their face at the shower when they open it.

You can have these made by a seller on Etsy for $11.99. Click HERE to shop.

9. Instruments to Start a Baby Band

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 12.01.24 PM

It’s probably been a while since you’ve actually “gotten the band together.” Start a new band, featuring your friend’s infant. Sure, they are terrible at keeping a beat but their vocals likely won’t need a mic. Music is a great educational tool from the get-go. Listening to sounds helps orient them to their surrounds and making the sounds themselves teaches them motor function. You can work on rhythm in the years to come. As every person who “wishes they stuck it out with piano when they were little,” getting them started young is of the utmost importance. Be a part of the reason they are the next great thing in music by getting them their first set of instruments!

You can set up the babe with this Fisher Price band set for $12.99. Just click HERE.

10. This “Music Never Sleeps, So Neither Will I” Bib

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 12.08.37 PM

Bibs! Your friends are about to go through a lot of them. If there is anything babies are good at, it’s not getting food directly into their mouths. There are always a lot of detours. This “music never sleeps” bib is the perfect not only because of the comedy but because it’s predominately black and won’t show wear and tear as quickly as most. Not many baby items get a lot of longevity, either due to destruction or to growth but this one will last longer than most. So your gift will be around for some time!

You can purchase this bib on the LittleRockStore website for $9.99. Click HERE.


With my shower coming up this weekend, I’ve been spending way too much scouring the internet for my must-have baby items and adding them to my registry. But I got to say, it’s really nice when a friend not only gets something functional off the registry, like baby powder, but also find something with a little personal flare. It really does remind me that I still have friends. It’s so easy for soon-to-be parents to feel isolated, especially during a pandemic! The great thing about baby stuff is a lot of it is really affordable and fun. If you have a friend starting this part of their life-journey, keep all that in mind.



Bye, Friends!