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12 Ways to treat your bestie this Galentine’s Day


Whether you are happily married or thriving single, GALENTINE’S DAY can be celebrated by any lady! Mark February 13th on your calendar and prepare to make your best feel showered with that special kind of love her significant other could never supply (IYKY.)

Your normal wine and cheese nights with Grey’s Anatomy are great but maybe this year, after surviving a pandemic together, you want to do something unique for her. Start here. The valley is opportunity to lots of fun things that didn’t make it onto this year’s list.


1. Air Bnb Bestie

Destination: BFF Getaway! Air BnB has made it easier than ever to explore new places in a unique a way… heck you don’t even have to go very far with many luxury stays within the valley. Get together your friends and split the cost of one of themed houses you’ve always talked about staying in. Your ultimate Galentine’s Day Getaway is just a quick room reservation away!

2.  Adventure Challenge

Not an ad, but this really is great for the person looking for a gift that keeps giving. Something that’s not a one shot deal. And the best part, good ideas you didn’t have to come up with on your own. The Adventure Challenge book will give you and your best friend activity after activity. The Adventure Challenge books come in a variety of setups. The traditional one (probably what you’ll want,) family, and relationship. Inside, you’ll see each page has its own hidden scratch-off activity to reveal and areas to log the fun.

Some adventures include going out while others will keep you engaged in your own house. To look into getting you and your bestie the Adventure Challenge book, click HERE.

3. DIY Craft Store Date

Why DIY at home when you can have a professional make sure you’re DIY correctly. We have all been there. Thinking you could make something cute on your own only for it to turn into a huge mess that doesn’t even function for its intended use. Find a place like She’s Crafty that’s near you. Search “DIY Studio” and you’ll find several around Phoenix. It’s like “Color Me Mine” but for adults with crafts like wreath making, porch signs, basket making, painting, pottery and more!

4. Luxury Picnic

Get the girls together for all the fun of a picnic with an Instagramable upgrade. Luxury picnic companies have a great little niche. While many love the idea of big comfy pillows, a nice table, china, and cute garnished drinks at a picnic, no one actually wants to drag it out there themselves AND break it down.

Basket Case Picnic Gurus have a variety of packages put together for this season available to book that all include set up + tear down with 2 hours to enjoy your picnic or a “weave it up to you” option for a to-go basket. All can be further customized and start at $150.

5. BFF Photo Session

This Galentine’s Day, feel like a VIP with your friends while doing a fun BFF themed photoshoot! Professional photography sessions aren’t just for senior headshots and weddings. In fact lots of photographers LOVE these shoots purely for the creativity that will go behind them. No real reason for it so the theme is entirely up to you! Halloween in February, cowgirls, horror movie villains, prom, fashion week- really go for it here. You’ll cherish those photos (and be reposting them) forever.

6. Baking Class/Pre-order kits

Say, “I love you” in a delicious way! A Valentine’s Day themed baking class is a great way to spend the afternoon with the girls plus you get a snack at the end. Have fun learning the tips and tricks to icing the perfect conversation heart cookie that looks as good as it tastes. You can turn this into a day-to-night event by taking advantage of the pre-made kits many places now sell or signing up for the virtual class instead. Then you can bust out endless mimosas and turn it into a whole affair!

7. Stiletto Dancing Class

For the risque bunch ONLY! A stiletto class is only fun if you’re into it. If you get a good group of ladies together this class could be exactly what you needed. Something totally out of character for the crew, without anyone that would “judge” you watching! Who doesn’t love to dance and learn how to possibly look sexy doing it? Your girls will be there to cheer you on the whole way!!

8. Blast From the Past

This is more of a choose-your-own adventure idea. What was your favorite thing for you and the girls to go do growing up? Some ideas are laser tag, roller rink, bowling, theme park, tea party, whatever. Get together your girlfriends for an old school GNO this Galentine’s Day!

9. Kindness Rocks

Exactly how it sounds. This one is about getting the girls together to do something kind. Get some flat surfaced rocks together and write messages of kindness on them. Then go on an excursion and scatter them about! All you need are rocks and either markers or paint!

10. Paint and Sip (delivered)

Think paint and sip, but convenience for the girls. Look, a paint and sip is great- but someone still has to drive home. Some have had the great idea to make the service mobile and they will come to you!

A ladies night in with an exciting twist. Enjoy as many cocktails as you want while getting a fun class on how to create something you all can display in your homes together always reminding you of that special Galentine’s Day.

*PRO TIP: Get everyone to sign somewhere inside the painting to really commemorate the sisterhood of Galentine’s Day*

Locally, Gogh Paint does delivery parties starting at an 8 person minimum for $30 per person. There are also virtual versions of this which run around $20-$40.


11. Hot Air Balloon Ride

For the brave and adventurous, find your fun pals and book a hot air balloon excursion! Nothing says, “I love you, bestie” like watching the sunset in a hot air balloon before heading back to someone’s house to kill some wine and chocolate. An experience like this is also sure to provide you and your friends with scenic pictures and lots of those Instagrammable opportunities.

There are a LOT of companies to choose from in the valley for rides and the prices are all over the place but roughly something like this is going to be an expensive Galentine’s Day at about $500 per person.


12. Wine Tour

Your typical ladies night, but better. Instead of being barflys, call it a wine tour. You can book several around here. You can stay right here in the and do the Scottsdale Wine Tour, bike and wine around Old Town (technically a wine tour then?) or make a whole weekend of it by heading out of town to one of the neighboring vineyards. Prices vary pretty extremely depending on what you’re into but there is something for about every budget.

Don’t forget who is there when boys break your heart- your LADIES! Treat them to something special this year. Your girl group survived a pandemic- how many can say that?! Cherish your friendships that are good through more than life’s “ups.”



Bye, Friends!