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Tips For Prepping Your Body For Summer


*Self love disclaimer*

Let me be clear. There is no one way to look for summer. Love the skin you’re in. I love my skin best when I know I’m doing things that are good for me! 

It might have been the pandemic. It might have been having a baby. Either way, for many of us, we’ve only got a handful of weeks until showing a lot more skin around the valley.

I get cleared to work out again in two weeks. You better believe I’m gonna whip it into high gear to shed some baby weight before my first swim day. 

I’m no stranger to losing weight. I’ve lost quite a bit before and it happened pretty quickly. Here is what I did to get results I was able to keep until I got pregnant! 


Only Do Things That Are Sustainable


Consistency is key to getting in shape. One bad meal isn’t reason to throw it away. On the flip side, if you’re only making good choices occasionally then you won’t see the results you want. When figuring out a plan, pick something you know you can do long term. Don’t pick a one week fad or quick cleanse. Make gradual changes into your lifestyle if switching things up is hard for you. If you are practical with your plan it will be easier to follow through. Set yourself up for success.

Example: for my big weight loss, I exercise daily in the morning. 30 minutes of cardio and 15-30min of strength. Plus I started following a vegan diet. Those were changes that were challenging and new but were realistic for me! But these changes were made with years of small changes behind it.

First I started with portion control, then made sure I was eating frequently enough/not too frequently, then I added more cardio to my workouts etc. Don’t try to copy someone else’s plan.




Get it through your head. Drinking more water is the solution to a lot of your problems. Dry skin? Drink water. Bloating? Drink water. Feel fatigued? Water. So naturally if you’re trying to get in shape… up your water intake. It will help keep your system clean, keep your metabolism on track, make you feel fuller, longer and will help you sustain your work outs. Always have a water bottle on you!




everyone has their own swimsuit goals. After having a baby, I’m looking to target my legs and core for fat loss. Cardio is key for that. Strength is very important but for an initial start, you need cardio. It’s going to warm up your muscles and get you ready for peak muscle building and fat burning during the rest of your work out. 


Reassess Your Diet


When we get used to something, most get a little lazy with it. Diet is included with that. Even if you don’t eat poorly, you should reassess your diet. Maybe try a new one for a little while just to get you consciously thinking about your eating choices again. Or give yourself some sort of food related challenge. Coming off of being pregnant, I never stopped being vegan, but I would like a new diet challenge. I want to try new recipes that are all natural. No fake versions of food. Purely vegetable based. It’s easy the first few nights but it gets challenging around Wednesday. No matter how great your diet, when you have a new fitness goal you should always reassess.


Less Time On Phone


Hear me out on this one! If you’re on your phone less, you’re probably moving around more. Time flies by when you’re just scrolling. A bonus is that it’s better for your mental health too. I don’t need to tell you about the mental health deficits social media has caused. Less time on your phone means more time to focus on what’s important in life.


Be Outdoors More


Pretty much the same concept as your phone. If you’re outdoors more, you’re probably moving around more. It promotes activity. On warmer days, which we get plenty of in Arizona, it promotes sweating too. Sweating detoxes your system which helps boating, your metabolism and more. Right now we are in the perfect time of years for the outdoors. Whether you’re having a picnic or hiking, a little vitamin D is gonna go a long way with your health. Set a goal like an hour a day or X amount of hours a week spent outside. 


Try New Workout Programs


Time to switch things up! Like mentioned before, when you’re used to something it’s easy to get lazy with it. Trying a new work out can spark your interest in exercise again if you find yourself in a slump. For people that have hit a wall seeing results, this could be your fix too. A new program will have you focusing on new muscle groups or refocusing on ones that have lost their intensity. 


Eat More Detox Food


Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of effort. One easy thing you can do is eat more foods that naturally detox you! Cucumbers, lemons, onion, broccoli, beets and more. It’s not hard to eat at least one food that will help clean your tank each day. Your body is your home. Keep your home clean from the inside-out.


Do Things That Make You Happy


Stress makes you fat. It’s kind of true. Stress can slow down or even put a stop to weight loss, even with the hard work. It sends your body into full revolt. It causes acne, joint pain, and damages your heart. If you really want to be at your peak and get there quickly then make sure you are still staying true to yourself. Do things that you find fulfilling and not only can your body be ready for summer but your mindset can be too.

It’s easier to have a fun summer when you feel good! When I’m in shape, I feel better all around. Getting fit again is something I am looking forward to, but not everyone is the same way. It takes a little kick. Take your time and don’t be afraid to try something and decide to change it again. Cheers to feeling like the best version of yourself again!