When the new Ghostbusters meet the OG Ghostbusters!

Last night I was getting dinner with a friend at The Vig Fillmore and Kimmel was on the bar TV’s. The guests were the new Ghostbusters cast. I kept looking up to watch, even though the volume wasn’t on. What can I say, the 80’s kid in me has a soft spot for the Ghostbusters. Well then while some interaction I couldn’t hear was going on the ORIGINAL GHOSTBUSTERS walked out!!!! I almost lost my shit, and mind you I couldn’t even hear what was going on…. It was just exciting to see all the surviving members of the gang back together! So of course when I got into Alt AZ today the first thing I did was find the clip of when the new Ghostbusters meet the original Ghostbusters, and trust me it’s even better with sound! haha! Enjoy – CT