‘Pretending I’m Superman’ – Tony Hawk x Gaming Documentary

According to Glixel, there’s a new documentary that will be focused on ‘Tony Hawk Pro-Skater’ series. Ralph D’Amato (who worked on eight of the games), is teaming up with director Ludvig Gür to show how gaming culture and skateboarding culture intersected with Tony Hawk.

Watch the trailer for ‘Pretending I’m Superman’:

“There’s a lot of people not only in the gaming population but also in the skateboarding population that were impacted by this video game series,” says D’Amato. “I think it’s a good time to get a little nostalgic and look back at the series in those two industries.”

D’Amator and Gür have footage together, but they’re still in the crowdfunding stages.  The planned release is in Fall 2018 with the potential to preview the film to some of the backers in May 2018.