What Cars 3 Has to Do to Succeed

Today Disney and Pixar release what is their 18th production, Cars 3. This now trilogy has a bit of an…interesting history when it comes to both general audiences and critics, being that the first film (which is now 11 years old) got modest reviews with no being particularly blown away. Cars 2 on the other hand garnered a much clearer response of dislike, with everyone giving it around a 50% due to poor storytelling and poor choice in main character. Cars 2 was the first time where Pixar, a company synonymous with quality and nostalgia truly dropped the ball. Audiences now return to Cars 3 now six years since their last excursion in that universe, and no one generally knows what to expect. Early trailers created hype and intrigue as to what would happen to the returning lead Lightning McQueen (thank goodness it’s not Mater again) and they had set the tone of somber feelings and a sense that hurting the main character was not of the question.

At the end of the day, Disney and Pixar have to prove to audiences that squeals are worth seeing by having each subsequent film in each of the franchises be better than the last. This is due to that for the next few years, that is what they will be making. After starting a new franchise later this year named Coco, Disney and Pixar will be producing sequels including The Incredibles 2, and Toy Story 4.

We now wait with baited breath to see what will be the ultimate fate of Cars 3, but hopefully it will end up surpassing all of its previous films and remind audiences when it comes to Pixar films, they are able to make an idea that seems impossible and not great into what usually becomes considered to be film of the year.

Cars 3 First Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LeOH9AGJQM

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