Will the XBOX ONE X Deliver on its Promises?

The XBOX ONE X was debuted at E3 this year and Microsoft boasted that this console will be the first instance of bringing native 4k gaming into the living room (“Native” in this case means that 4K is naturally how the environment is loaded, with no other processes helping it get there). For years, the concept of running a console game at native 4k resolution seemed impossible, but it may seem as if this era of impeded progress is approaching its end. Well, that’s what people thought at first. After E3 had concluded and people were able to look at the XBOX ONE X’s demonstrations  and they noticed something strange. When showing off two of their biggest games, Anthem and Assassin’s Creed: Origins eagle-eyed viewers found that some of the set pieces in the cut-scenes were fuzzy and were not 4k resolution. It has been hypothesized that Microsoft is using additional processes to reach that illustrious 4k mark when displaying game’s resolution.

This in all honesty is not a huge deal, but the fact that they promised  Native 4k in front of both the public and their own investors this which may end up being untrue is concerning. At the end of the day though, we will not really know for sure until the system releases.

Image Property of Microsoft

Image Property of Microsoft

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