New Details Surface about Atari’s New Console, The AtariBox

10/10 for Name Creativity,

Well, at least you know what you’re buying.

Earlier this year buzz began to swirl around Atari of all companies as they had released what could only be called a teaser for their new machine. At the time, no one knew quite what to think of it, mostly because Atari was hesitant to come out and directly say what it was. This resulted in media buzz which Atari wanted, but with that attention came desires and expectations that easily eclipse anything Atari could realistically produce.

Anyway, what did they tell the public earlier this week? Simple The AtariBox is a new console set to release in the span from a year and a half all the way to three years. Technology-wise, the machine is nothing to get excited over, as all the parts come together to create something that is only SLIGHTY better than the regular PS4 and XBOX One, consoles that came out years ago but I guess that doesn’t matter to Atari.

Now the first step to making this console a reality is bit more involved than most may think, as it was announced that he AtariBox would be made a reality though a Crowdfunding campaign which is set to begin in spring of next year. So Atari essentially show a fun concept video earlier this year and is now hoping to earn some of people’s hard earned money just by asking for it. Keep in mind, Atari at this point has shown no games for the system, and while it’s easy to assume that there will be a collection of old Atari games put onto the system, nothing else has been announced regarding what people can expect to play on this machine.

Lastly, Atari announced that the AtariBox will be sold within the price range between 250-300 dollars, which many have stated is bit high for a console which we know so little about.

So, best of luck for Atari, as this simply sounds like they have their work cut out for them.

(Of course, I could be wrong here and it could release next year and dominate the market, but that’s yet to be seen)

But Until Next Time, Alt Rock and Game On!