Super Mario Odyssey Releases Soon, And People Are Excited

Super Mario Odyssey releases this Friday and the excitement behind the release is almost tangible for most people. Odyssey is set to be the Flagship title for the Nintendo Switch this holiday season, alongside a plethora of other of titles that have been released earlier this year on the switch. The game was first shown off earlier this year when Nintendo first announced the Switch and people have been floored since day one. This a true, fully fleshed-out new Mario Adventure, instead of just a collection of levels stringed along by worlds with basic themes like forest, desert, ocean, etc. Now, Mario will begin his new adventure within a contemporary city filled with realistic-looking people, and proceed to new areas that obliterate the flat and boring themes other worlds had in the past. This excitement wasn’t helped when Nintendo dropped that stellar trailer during this year’s E3 in June, that showed of Mario’s newest ability, “Cap”turing enemies and taking control of their movement and abilities with the power of his new hat named Cappy.

And as we reach the end of this long, overbearing weight Nintendo dropped some interesting info and videos. First, it was revealed that Super Mario Odyssey is only a little over 7GB in size, which is miniscule when compared to other modern games that can rage between 30-50+GB in file size. And lastly Nintendo released what can only be considered the final nail in the hype coffin, with a video depicting Mario dancing to the game’s theme song, alongside live action dancers in a choreography skit that’s quite impressive (Click the link below to check it out!) Now, all we have to do is wait until the 27th…let’s see if we can make it!

Mario Video:

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!