MUSE set to Preform at BlizzCon 2017 Today!

MUSE (I think it’s in all caps) Is scheduled to perform in front of the crowds (both physical and digital) of BlizzCon 2017. BlizzCon is the annual convention for Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind massive gaming hits like StarCraft, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft. Alongside all of the big news about the new content being added to all of their games, Blizzard Entertainment surprisingly booked MUSE, a band that doesn’t exactly scream fantasy, much like the games Blizzard makes but hey, it should still be an awesome show.

So, if you are someone who can not get enough of watching MUSE perform live, you might want to watch this one. This performance is also important as whether or not this show is a huge success will probably play a big part in deciding if bigger bands like MUSE will see gaming conventions as a legitimate venue to fight for.

Tickets (once again both digital and physical) are either extremely hard to come by or completely sold out at this point, but we have the internet so I have a feeling that somehow, somewhere video will surface of the show eventually.