Where is Pixar’s Coco?

Coco is Pixar’s newest production and it was released on October 27th, but unlike most of Pixar’s films, Coco has had quite the quiet discussion. In all honesty, I only remembered that this movie existed because a random thought about it just popped in my head recently. Upon discovering that it was indeed set to be in theaters soon (Nov. 22) I began to wonder why people aren’t super excited about it. A recent criticism toward Pixar is that they are producing too many sequels that either do not need to happen or no one asked for. This makes sense, as the next productions for the company include The Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4. Coco (alongside Inside Out when it first came out) is the public’s chance to tell Pixar that they want new ideas, but if these unestablished IP’s don’t bring in the cash then this cycle of sequels is bound to continue.

Think about it, the only time I see any advertisement for Coco is when theaters would show the trailer before another movie would start. Is there some reason behind this lack of marketing and advertising? Maybe they’re not confident in the product? That would be a first for Pixar, as they often stand tall for what they create.

Well, I’m sure they have their reasons for staying relatively quiet about Coco, but now I’m more curious than ever. Regardless, I hope it does well because the people at Pixar always put their best behind what they create.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!