Elon Musk’s Flamethrowers are Facing Naming Issues

Elon Musk can be quite crazy every once in a while.

For those not in the loop,. Tesla CEO and general rich guy Elon Musk recently began to sell Flamethrowers through his newest company “The Boring Company” (the name was literally chosen on a whim). In a matter of just days, Musk had actually sold out of his 500 dollar flamethrowers with 20,000 confirmed orders online. And while it may seem that 20,000 people will soon get their hands on a literal flamethrower, there seem to be blockades that are making some of the orders hard to complete. Apparently, some carriers have policies stating that if a shipment is described as a flamethrower, it can not be shipped. To combat this, Musk has officially changed the name of the flamethrowers to “Not A Flamethrower”.

I guess that works, at least the people who spent the 500 dollars will actually get what they paid for.

The idea of 20,000 people having new flamethrowers seems daunting, but I’m sure if there any more issues, we’ll hear about them in the news. But Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!