Samsung to Announce New Phone TODAY

Today at 9AM Pacific Time, Samsung will be holding a conference where they will be announcing their newest phone, which has a 99% chance of being the Galaxy S9. Today’s announcement will be Samsung’s response to the iPhone X, who from those who actually have it, has gotten pretty good reviews.

Interestingly enough,  the announcement video for the Galaxy S9 may have been leaked, and if you follow Smartphone News you probably have already seen it. If the leak is to be believed (You never know with these “Leaks”) the S9 looks to be focused on business integration as it looks to have a slew of work connectivity from wire scanning to being able to work as a mouse for your computer. The phone also sports no Home Button and the ability to protect your phone with what appears to be either face recognition, fingerprint recognition, or maybe both at the same time. I could go further into some other things expressed in the video, but just in case it all turns out to be fake, I don’t want to be giving the video too much attention. As someone, who never really gets excited about phone announcements, I find myself a tad excited to find out the details, but I guess we’re gonna have to wait until later today to find out exactly what’s going on.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!