Super Smash Bros. For Switch…What Exactly is it?

For those not in the loop, earlier this week Video Game Giant Nintendo (whose been producing games that have effected millions for decades) recently held a Nintendo Direct Event, where they announced some of the big products both early in production and almost out the door. Understandably, millions of gamers tune in to each one of these events when they do appear, and last Thursday those same people were given an announcement bomb that only people are now starting to calm down about. At the end of the direct, a final teaser trailer was shown for the next edition of Nintendo’s Fighting Game Colossus, Super Smash Brothers, where numerous Nintendo characters come and fight one another in both serious and more casual matches.

Now, this teaser alone would make a big splash, but this one is a bit different from previous announcements, as there was no title given besides “Super Smash Brothers”.  Fans are left to wonder now whether this new game is either a port of the previous title “Super Smash Bothers for Wii U/3DS” to Nintendo’s massively successful new system, the Nintendo Switch, or a new title for the series that the Switch can call all its own. Fans have looked into to every corner of the teaser to get an idea as to what this new game will be, all the way from noting that some character’s designs have changed and that some companies aren’t named at the end of the trademark, to stating that the proposed 2018 release date shown at the end of the teaser make it impossible for an entire new game to be built.

At the end of the day, no one knows, but I promise that when Nintendo displays their Big Summertime E3 direct, (often shown early-mid June) we will be getting many of the answers we are looking for.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!