New Halo Title Named “Halo Infinite” Coming to BOTH XBOX and PC

Think of this as a little teaser of what’s to come later this week.

Starting Tuesday, Mo will actually be at the E3 Conference where all of these game announcements are happening, and you should totally follow our Instagram so you can join her for what is to be an awesome trip (Also, I’m sure she could report on all the news in a much more entertaining way than I can).  Alongside a myriad of awesome announcements from Microsoft earlier today from their Conference, the news that the newest title in Halo is going to be both and XBOX and PC caught my eye. This will be the first instance where Halo will grace computer screens, and to put it lightly the journey that this once console-exclusive IP had to take to get here is quite interesting. In the early2000’s Halo was THE reason to buy an XBOX, awesome gameplay, an interesting campaign, and one of the first console games to have internet connectivity and versus online made it a smash hit. By 2005-2012, Halo was a juggernaut property that was practically printing money and had multiple games that players remember fondly to this day. All of this was to peak with titles like Halo 3 and Halo Reach, where the majority of developers from the original team actually moved on. Over the years, Halo has seen both slower and smaller releases with diehard fans becoming concerned.

That was until Halo got back in the news earlier this year, with their issuance of a cease and desist letter to the independent team of “ElDewito” who created and was sustaining a version of Halo on PC for about half a year. This decision now makes more than just business sense, as it turns out they already had plans for Halo on PC already in place.

Will it be good? Will it be bad? IS this what Halo fans want? Well, only time will tell!