Ryan Reynolds LOVES this Faked Deadpool in Avengers “Leak”

With technology we can indulge in possibilities that no one would ever consider.

When it comes to movies, Marvel fans are one of the most ravenous and excitable fanbases there is. Absolutely anything, from half of a logo to a complete cast list can generate enough hype to power New York City. This same level of excitement is only compounded when talking about the next Avengers movie (which still doesn’t have a title). Well, early Friday morning Marvel fans were jittering when a picture began to surface (which at this point has been found fake) showed Deadpool walking behind Captain America on the set during the filming of what is assumed to be the next Avengers film. One Twitter user sent the picture to Deadpool actor/genius Ryan Reynolds to comment, only for Reynolds to respond by saying “It’s real in my heart.”

So, yes it looks as though Deadpool will not be appearing alongside the Avengers yet, but hey maybe one day we will find the red-suited Merc with the Mouth joining the Avengers ranks and aiding in saving the world.

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