Sony Preventing Fallout 76 from having Cross-Platform Multiplayer

If you don’t learn your lesson the first time…I guess stick to your guns?

Fallout 76 looks to be the massively successful Fallout Series’  first foray into multiplayer, and while players literally around the world are excited to see what this new adventure will have to offer and to play online with their friends, it looks like Sony is once again preventing their players from playing with others who have other systems. As more and more games become available on multiple consoles (all this in order to maximize profits and pay off production costs) it has become all the more common for games with online multiplayer to let players all join in on the same server regardless of what system they happen to be playing on. Unless you’re Sony, who seems determined to not play nicely with others.

Much like how if you played Fortnite on your PS4 you couldn’t play with people who were on other systems like PC, Xbox One, Switch, IOS, and Android, Sony looks to be playing the same trick for Fallout 76. This was confirmed by Fallout 76’s Director Todd Howard who said that while he would love to have Cross-platform Multiplayer, Sony won’t let it happen.

What do you think? Does Sony sticking to their guns about Cross-Platform seem admirable, or silly? Does this announcement make you less interesting in exploring the wastelands of Fallout 76 as a whole? Be sure to comment down below and let the world know.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!