Matt Groening’s NEW Netflix Show “Disenchantment” Gets a New Trailer

After doing the Simpsons for almost 30 years, Creator Matt Groening looks to do something a touch different with his new idea, a Fantasy Animated Comedy “Disenchantment”. The story follows a kingdom’s  older princess (Named Princess Bean) as she runs away to make her own life alongside her friends Elfo the Elf and…demon pal named Luci. The basis of the comedy looks to come from the many lactations and situations that come about when trying to survive a fantasy world called Dreamland. Now, this new show will still have Groening’s signature humor at the forefront, alongside some Voice Talent who where a part of Greening’s other Not Simpsons show, Futurama. So far it has been green-lit for one season and it looks to be releasing on Netflix on August 17th, and personally, I wish it the best of luck.

New Trailer:

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