Gaming Rental Service GameFly will Shut Down its Steaming Service

My apologies to all the 12 of you who used it.

For those not in the know, GameFly announced yesterday that it will be shutting down its Cloud streaming service that has been in operation since 2015. This announcement is shocking as on almost every aspect because it looks like the company is going to be putting less money into streaming (which looks to be the promising future of gaming) and sticking to their traditional service which is sending you physical rental copies of games through the mail. So, the big question to ask is Why?

Diving deeper into this strange decision reveals that there are some business dealings going on behind the scenes that make this all make sense. Apparently, the tech Gamefly was using for streaming was actually bought out by gaming giant Electronic Arts (those guys who always release some of the biggest games every year and are notorious for buying small companies) and they seem to be the ones pulling the plug. Well, let’s just see how well GameFly can do without, who knows they might be okay after all this.

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