Former “LOST’ Star Dominic Monaghan Captures Role in Star Wars Episode 9!

If JJ Abrams and Disney plan to slowly drip out information about Episode 9 like this, then I’ll be there like a hamster drinking from its water bottle every step of the way.

Today’s drip comes in the form of announcing that actor Dominic Monaghan will be part of the cast and…that’s it. Great news regardless, but no mention of how integral his role is, or for how much screen time he’ll get, just that this former LOST and The Lord of the Rings star will become a part of a galaxy far far away.

Coincidently, this announcement actually plays as a reunion between Monaghan and Director JJ Abrams, which probably means Abrams just looked through his rolodex and found Monaghan’s name, but hey no complaints here! Maybe next week we can be blessed with another drip of info, like maybe an actual title for the film…ok that might be asking too much for all I know.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!