Playstation President Defends Company’s Controlversal Cross-Platform Conclusion

Sometimes you just don’t wanna let go of old habits, you know?

As we star our Rewind Weekend, it may be tempting to go into your closet and dig up some relics from the past. Things like your old Cassette collection, photo albums of days gone by, or even dragging out an old video game system you haven’t touched in decades. The common culprits for that last activity nowadays are usually the Nintendo 64 and the PlayStation 1, with the latter actually being in the news this morning. For those out of the loop, Sony has been in a bit of hot water as of late with the PlayStation 4, as they have consistently rejected the ever-popular option of allowing Cross-Platform in their games. Essentially, Cross-Platform allows people who own the same game but on different consoles to still play that game online together. Even better is that it costs the companies nothing, as all they have to do is slightly change 1 or 2 lines of code.

Earlier today, President of Sony Kenichiro Yoshida stated that the reason they have been so against a practice that both of their major competitors Nintendo and Microsoft have accepted with open arms, is that he feels that PlayStation provides the “Best Experience” and that there is no need to connect. Now, a CEO defending their company’s choices isn’t shocking or earth-shattering, but it is just bizarre that something so simple and cheap to do looks to be such an issue for a multi-Billion dollar company. Yoshida then qualified his statement by saying that they would be open to Cross-Platform on specific games if it lead to the “Best Experience”.

Maybe going back to the simple days of the PS1 is a good idea this weekend…anyone have any game recommendations?

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!