LEGO Shows NEW Secrets and Details in 6,000+ Piece Hogwarts Set!

Time to build something truly magical.

Harry Potter fans rejoice as today we receive a closer look into LEGO’s complete Hogwarts set filled to the brim with everything from the expected monuments all the way down to even some of the tiniest details. (Look below to see a “Ghostly” surprise!)  It was also recently announced that behemoth, 6,020 piece set (one of, if not the biggest sets LEGO has ever made) will be priced at 400 Big Ones at launch. While that may be a tad pricey, think of it this way, once its built, you can make any LEGO character you own a First-Year student. Benny from the LEGO movie, Legolas from Lord of The Rings, to even Darth Vader!

Image is Property of Sarah Tew

Image is Property of Sarah Tew

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