Amazon to Open New “Amazon Go” Store in New York

Innovations like this start like a gentle stream, but eventually gain the traction of a mighty river.

For many people, Amazon has replaced a majority of their shopping experience, even with more personal matters like clothing and grocery shopping being solved with Amazon Wardrobe and Amazon Fresh respectively. Now, Amazon looks to be putting more stock into their new physical presence as the commercial giant announced yesterday that they would be building a new Amazon Go store in New York. This will be the third Amazon Go store, with the two previous being in Seattle and doing pretty well. So, in this convenience store, you scan your smart device and then it recognizes your amazon account and cameras in store track what you’re taking and then charge your account after you walk out, there is no line whatsoever.

There was a similar announcement a few months back where Amazon announced they would be building Amazon Go stores in San Francisco and Chicago as well. So ultimately, it looks as though Amazon wants to really get their claws into the physical convenience/grocery store industry and I can’t help but be interested to see where they go from here!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!