Fortnite Monopoly Announced and Money is NOWHERE to be Found!

Popular Thing + Popular Thing= Even More Popular Thing

Yes, the new genius Monopoly Idea from Hasbro cashes in on the popularity of Fortnite, but they actually go beyond simply just adding a Fortnite coat of paint to their prestigious board game. It was announced earlier this week that in order to match some elements of the game, this edition of Monopoly will NOT have Money, instead electing to have player’s have HP and various actions and properties hurting players as they go along. Now some of the finer details are still unknown but one thing we do know is that this board will have a bit smaller with a few less properties, and movement is changed slightly, with 1 Die handling movement while the other controls actions like applying a bandage and the like.

While Hasbro Announcing what feels like the 900th edition of Monopoly isn’t jarring, anytime the rules are shifting this much can at least get people’s attention. The Board Game is set to hit stores October 1st.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!