Lonely Narwhal Makes Friends with Canadian Beluga Whales

Sometimes you just need a feel-good happy animal story to brighten up your day.

In the waters of the St. Lawrence River in Canada a young adult Narwhal was found to be fraternizing with the other residents, despite this type of scenery not being typical for Narwhals in the area. Long story short, this Narwhal dude is literally chilling 600 miles away from where his kind usually is. While the idea of being that far away from home seems worrisome, our Narwhal friend found some new buddies in the form of a pack of young Beluga Whales, who look to be best of friends in a recent video posted by Canada’s Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals. With no plans to head back home, it looks like our Narwhal friend just wants to carve his own path, I can respect that.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdusjFmgn-w

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