Will Ferrell To Play Sherlock Holmes Alongside John C. Reilly in Holmes And Watson

Hooray for being in the Public Domain!

The trailer for what looks to be one of the most peculiar pictures of the year dropped yesterday, and audiences are intrigued to see where this idea goes. Sherlock Holms, one of the most methodical men in literature will be portrayed by comedic legend Will Ferrell, who often has characters with big hearts, not big brains. Of course, he will have an equal partner with John C. Reilly starring as Watson. The trailer depicts that this wonderful duo will have to stop the vicious Moriarty, played by Ralph Fieness, from killing the Queen in only four days. Now have no fear,  the tradition kind of “Stupid” (I say Brilliant) humor these two usually conjure up looks to be intact to care, as in the trailer we see some delicious details like accidentally breaking open a glass case full of bees with a bat, horrible CGI explosions, and a hilariously ill-fitting soundtrack. Holmes and Watson is set to release November 9th in the states, and December 26th in the U.K and Australia…I’m sure they will love this…yeah, totally.

Holmes and Watson Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AKU-T7_rDA

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